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About me

Born in Brazil and living in the Netherlands for 11+ years, I'm a mom of two beautiful boys who writes for a living. A few years ago, I started my journey as a UX Writer. Before that, I was already writing for the Web.


Back in 2011, I started writing tailored and scalable b2c and b2b content, in English or Brazilian Portuguese,  for desktop or mobile interfaces and end-to-end user journeys, email campaigns, blog articles, and more. Since 2017, I shifted into writing copy for digital products, in E-commerce and SAAS companies, most recently as a Senior Content Designer.

Creativity has always been an essential part of my life whether as a way to express myself or as part of my daily work routine, while I create content and bring words to screens. 

Being creative is the fine line that ties everything together. More than just part of my work or just a hobby, it's a way of being and a way to recharge. I love painting, drawing, sewing, and more.


Offer online content solutions that can set the tone for positive experiences and the power connect to people, and products, by using the right (amount of) words. 


Create positive experiences by having the needs of users of different interfaces, platforms, or channels always at heart and mind.


I use language to turn challenges faced by people during their digital journeys into stories that carry purpose, responsibility, and inclusiveness at their core.

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